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Hybrid eLearning for English, Math and Science. Based on MOE's latest syllabus. Available on iOS and Android.

Say Goodbye to Boring Assessment Books

Primary School Math and Science practice questions by MOE-trained teachers

Access 50,000 Questions for Primary School Math and Science created by MOE-trained educators.

Zenith Academy

Customisable Digital Avatars, Habit Building with Daily Streaks, and Weekly Leaderboards.

Zenith Academy

Digital Learning Tools

 Zenith Academy

Collaborative Quests with Friends

 Zenith Academy

Create Your Own Otternaut avatar

 Zenith Academy

Next-level Academic Analytics

 Zenith Academy

Expert-Curated Learning Missions

Designed for Both Students and Parents

Blended Tuition @ Zenith Academy

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Do I have to pay to use the Zendora app?
Is Zendora by Zenith Academy and Zenith Education Studios related?
What drives the educational pedagogy/content behind Zendora?
Where can I find answers to questions that are not reflected in this FAQ?