The Importance of Creativity and Critical Thinking in Children

Actionable strategies for parents

Zenith Academy | 2024-05-13 | 2 min read

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As Singaporean parents, we have the responsibility to help prepare our children for a rapidly changing world of job market disruptions and technological advancements.

Having grown up in an education system that valued academic results and transitioned into the knowledge economy workforce, parents today understand the value of critical-thinking and problem-solving.

In addition to that, parents also have to account for the pressures their children face at school today: in Singapore, academic results remain the top currency for access to opportunities.

With the Ministry of Education shifting towards a more holistic educational model, we hope to help today's parents balance academic excellence with the essential skills children need to thrive in tomorrow's job market.

Here are some actionable strategies that can both 1) cultivate future skills and 2) help with academic performance in school:

Leverage Local Resources and Programmess

Helps with English Composition Writing

  • Singapore boasts a wealth of museums, science centers, and cultural institutions. Participate in activities like the Singapore Science Festival or workshops at the National Gallery to broaden their horizons.
  • Encourage your child to write about these experiences for their next English composition assignment.

Incorporate Technology mindfully

Transform academics into an interactive and collaborative experience

  • Embrace Singapore's vision of becoming a Smart Nation by integrating technology into your child's learning. Opt for educational apps and online resources that mimic future ways of working, while keeping a careful eye on screen time.
  • Collaborate with your child and organise their revision schedule or examination notes with free digital tools like Figjam, Trello, or Google Calendars.

Seek out opportunities to WFH together

Draw links to how school can prepare one for work in the future

  • Allocate some time for your child and yourself to "work from home" together. Participate in their Home-Based Learning assignments. Invite your child to join you on your next Zoom conference meeting.
  • Lead by example by modelling how effective collaboration takes place in today's workplace, and encourage them to hone the same skills in school projects.

Engage in Real-World Problem Solving

  • Involve your child in everyday decisions, from planning family outings to managing a budget for small purchases. These practical experiences enhance critical thinking by encouraging them to evaluate options and outcomes.
  • Encourage them to volunteer for school activities and support them in applying the same problem-solving skills.


As a parent, we play a crucial role in preparing our children for the future. By adopting these strategies, kids will have the opportunity to develop creatively while doing well academically. If this resonates with you, do share this with other parents in your circle. We would also love to hear from our readers - please do share with us how you personally manage your child's educational journey!

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